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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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just 30 minutes ago, hundreds evacuated from japan arrive back in the bay area. opening statements in the barry bonds trial start today and then the first witness is to be called. why one witness could get arrested. "mornings on 2" starts right now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, march 22nd. a fighter jet crashed in libya. this is video we just got in. both crew members were able to
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eject safely. the military says the jet may have suffered a mechanical problem. the pilot of the jet was retrieved by a marin helicopter while a second was rescued by libyan forces. both men are said to have minor injuries. coming up at:15, we'll have a live report -- at 7:15, we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. with lawmakers' new demands for president obama. as japan works through the nuclear disaster, it just felt its strongest aftershock yet. a magnitude 6.6. it was located off the coast of sendai. now, two hours later, a 6.4 quake hit further south an then 0 minutes later -- 30 minutes later another quake hit north
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of sendai. no tsunami was issued for the u.s. japanese officials have not yet reported any tsunamis along the japanese coast. the operate of the power plants say workers have rerejected the power line -- reconnected the power lines. how far, they say more work needs to be done before the cooling systems can be pour powered -- can be powered up. it is 7:03. just about 30 minutes ago, military families evacuated from japan arrived at travis air force base near fairfield. kraig debro is at the base talking with some of the problems. he will join us shortly with an update on what's happening there. just 90 minutes from now, the opening statements will begin in the barry bonds perjury trial. now, the jury will not see one
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part of the proceedings that are kit cal. allie rasmus -- critical. allie rasmus has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. opening statements are set to get underway. they are expected to last a couple of hours. after the opening statements, then the first witnesses will be called. one of the witnesses expected to be summoned is greg anderson, he's bonds's childhood friend and personal trainer. he's accused of giving barry bonds steroids. he says he won't testify. if he does not testify, he could be held in contempt of court and be arrested on the spot. if that happens, the jury won't see it. that's because anderson is scheduled to be summoned around noon and that's when the jury will be taking its lunch break. but barry bonds will likely see
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to -- will likely see it. eight men and women -- eight men and four women were seated yesterday. bonds made testimony saying he never knowingly took steroids seven years ago. now the trial is started. the first thing on the agenda is opening statement. and then the first witness can be called. we'll see if greg anderson is arrested when he refuses to testify. back to you. >> thank you. 7:05. the fire officials near santa cruz face a rocky situation this morning after a hillside came crashing down, blocking a road and preventing people from getting to and from their homes. the slide is along nelson road, west of highway 17 in a community of scotts valley. >> oh, my god! we better move! >> one person caught the whole
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thing on tape as tons of mud, rock and tree slid off the road street, covering 200 feet of the road and stranding homes on the ear -- on the other side. no one was injured. there is an evacuation order in place. firefighters are assess how to clear the roads later today. and this morning, people hoping to get into yosemite national park have only one road to use. the roads were shut down yesterday because of heavy snowfall. highway 140 is now back open this morning but only with an escort. those escorts started at 6:30 this morning and will take place again at noon and at 66:00 p.m. -- at 6:00 p.m. 7:06. let's check in with sal, see how we're doing in our commute. sal? >> nows we have some crashes -- now, we have some crashes.
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let's take a look at the toll plaza, a lot of people always concerned about what that looks like. it's kind of a barometer for the morning commute. it's about a ten-minute delay coming into san francisco. also this morning we're looking at traffic coming in on marin county's freeways. that looks sock -- that looks okay. it does get crowded over the hill into marin county. this morning it looks like we have traffic doing okay. westbound 580 as you come across the castro valley, it looks like there could be a new crash there. watch for some slow traffic there. there's also a crash eastbound highway 4 at railroad avenue. an injury accident blocking two lanes. and there's also an accident at marshview. and a couple on the way from los gatos. 17 is not in good shape all of
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a sudden, coming through the mountains. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly cloudy here in the morning. a few sunbreaks. but temperatures have dipped, a couple upper 30s. we'll show you that in a second. that's your morning right there. i think you are okay in the morning. we'll cloud it up this evening with the system that will give us rain. that will brick us four more systems before the jet stream says i think i will head out. tonight into wednesday, more rain and wind, not nearly as much as over the weekend. more rain moves in on
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thursday. by the time we get to next monday, that could be a north event more than anything else. santacruz mountains the ground is so saturated, not just the santa cruz mountains, five-day rainfall projections. four to five inches. water rises pretty fast. if you live up there, keep an eye on the rain gauge. 39, napa. 39, cor. low 40s for fairfield -- 39, santa rosa. low fort worths for fairfield. napa, starting off at 3 9 degrees. we'll go 50. a few breaks here in the morning. rain develops by late this afternoon and tonight from this guy right here. you can see the low wrapping itself up. as it does -- they intensify as they get closer to us. another system will come in right behind that one.
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come on, keep it going. there will be another one on thursday. this a computer model forecast for the -- this is a computer model for the forecast. here comes the system. if you need to get it done, some chores, or maybe you can play golf or the tennis courts may be dried off. by tonight, it comes in. it takes us overnight into wednesday morning. maybe a slight break wednesday afternoon. there will still be a few showers. here comes the next system roaring in. i think the morning commute on thursday looks tough. by friday, we'll be on the back edge of this and we'll start to see that decrease. one more system on saturday. for the sierra nevada, the winter storm warning is out from 7:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 p.m. on friday. that's a long stretch. there will be more feet moving in there. snow level around 3,000. could go up a almost bit but it
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will come back down. mostly cloudy in the morning and then clouds roll in. lane this afternoon. knew, the wind -- now, the wind will pick up. not before we have upper 50s and low 60s. rain moves in tonight, takes us into wednesday. another system and then rain on saturday. dave? >> thank you. in san mateo county, a warning this morning, be on -- orb on the lookout for a mountain lion. it was spotted on woodview lane in puerto o law veal -- portola valley. it's 7:11. california's largest health insurance provider says it will delay and reduce rate hikes affecting 600,000 individual policyholders. anthem bluecross had planned a 16% premium increase that would
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go into effect next month. now, the company says the rate hike will be 9% and it will start july 1st. the state's insurance commissioner says that move will save anthem bluecross customers, $40 million. united and continent airlines are raising fares on many round- trip domestic flights by $10. they said they need to due to the increase of the cost of fuel. the last attempt to raise tickets by -- ticket prices by american airlines failed when other airlines decided not to go along with the price tag. gay rights on a global scale. what the obama administration is asking the united nations to do today. a judge makes a ruling that could lead to a drastic change in the arizona shooting rampage case. plus -- a bay area priest looking for a promotion winds up in the middle of a sex scandal.
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i refuse to bark at the moon. but it's up there. we do have mostly cloudy skies. had some very light rain. we'll get a mostly cloudy morning and then cloudy by this afternoon. more rain moves in this evening and takes us into wednesdays. highs, upper 50s. time turning 7:15. the united states and its allies pushing ahead with the texas in libya. ail little son burns is live if our washington, d.c -- alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with that and the growing criticism. >> reporter: fierce fighting continues on the ground between rebels and moammar gadhafi's forces. coalition air strikes are hitting libyan defenses but at
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this point, it's still unclear who is in charge of the operation and how it's all going to end. for the first time since the operation began, more fighters from other nations are striking on libyan targets, then american fighters. this cell phone video shows the explosions near moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli. he's not been seen since the air strikes began. a top u.s. military official says the goal is to protect libyan civilians. but several members say they are confused about the u.s. role. i would say it doesn't make a whole lot of sense by shifting gears. but my main argument is that we don't have the authority and when we get involved it generally very rarely does much good. >> reporter: president obama reiterated yesterday that the u.s. involvement will be limited but nato countries are divided about how to proceed. a brand-new poll shows 50% of the americans approve of the president's handling of the
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situation in lane ya -- in libya. just 29% disapprove. back to you. >> thank you. 7:16. as alison just told you, president obama is monitor everything the situation in -- in libya from chile. now, last night the couple attended a dinner at the home of the president. the president is due to stop in el salvador and then head home. while president obama continues his latin-american tour are expected to introduce -- declarations will be made at the geneva-based human rights council. so far 80 countries have come forward to support the statements. an official vote on the statement could come later this
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year. 7:17. an arizona judge ordered the suspect in tucson's shooting rampage to have an evaluation. he will undergo an evaluation at a special sized facility in missouri. the judge acknowledged the move may be inconvenient but he called it up avoidable. loughner is accused of killing six people, wounding six others, including arizona congresswoman, gabriel giffords. the suspect in the pipe bomb case, andrew youshock, says he's not guilty by reason
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of insanity. if he's found guilty, the second trial will take place to determine his santee. a 17-year-old teen is under arrest , police say the boy knocked on the door of a home on dunn avenue just before 10:00 last night. when a man answered the door, officers say the boy barged in, demanded money and stabbed the man in the face. police say the teen was caught walking away from the home. it's not clear what he took. the injured resident is in stable condition. a san francisco priest is on leave in the latest sex abuse scandal. here is the father of the church and is accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl when assigned to san francisco's church of the epiphany in the late 1970s. the allegations came to light after father kahani awried --
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applied for a new church. >> it was simply -- the staff surfaced this in the file that went back 31 years. >> the father is denying the accusations. a new poll shows about half of california voters approve the job governor brown is doing. this comes as the governor continues to negotiation with the legislature about how to close a $26.6 billion budget deficit. poll says 48% of voters approve of the job the governor is doing. 21% disapprove. 31% have no opinion. the governor does very well with democrats and in particular among bay area voters. meantime, governor brown and democratic legislative leaders say they're starting a new book of budget talks with optimism. even though they admit they've made little progress on closing california's budget deficit. the governor is pushing for a
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special election on tax extensions and reported -- recorded a message on youtube asking the people in california to let their lawmakers know they want to a -- they want a chant to vote. it's a military embarrassment. why army officials are apologizing for photos circulating on the internet. also, a devilish crime in a wholly base place. police need your help, they are trying to track down a church chief -- a church chief in san francisco.
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welcome back. the u.s. army is apologizing for several photos published in a german publication. i gotta warn you. the photos may be hard to look at. in one photo, the soldier is
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shown grabbing the hair of a dead afghan man and then a second body shows two bodies propped up against each other right there. the army opened a war crimes investigation into the deaths of the three afghans shown in those photos. prosecutors plan to use these photos in their case -- in their case. 7:23. classes are finally resuming at contra costa community college, five days after a -- after a power outage forced the closure. crews don't know how much the repairs will cost. san francisco police are search for a burglar who broke into a bay area church. officers received this surveillance video. he broke into the lakeside presbyterian's children's center around 4:00 yesterday
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morning. center workers say he did some damage and stole a music keyboard. church elders think he may have been after sunday's collection plate. 7:24. sal, can you help everybody get to where they need to go? >> we're looking at:00 -- at contra costa county. traffic is going to be busy coming up on railroad. there is an accident. it's doing pretty well, as you can see, coming off the hill and no imagine ear problems there. again, the accident eastbound 4 just before railroad avenue. let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 15- minute wait. this morning's drive is going to be okay if you are in the santa cruz santa cruz -- if you are in the santa cruz mountains
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they are still clearing an accident. i'm looking at 880 southbound, not all that bad between hayward, union city and fremont. let's go to steve. there's light breaks in the showers, especially around fremont, milpitas. not a big deal but there's some little guys out there. we do vet -- we do get a break. the system is right there to the left of your screen. so the morning hours, not too bad. if you need to get anything done, go for it in the morning, around 2:00, 3:00, the system will come in. here comes our low spinning around. it looks like wednesday night another one and thursday one
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more. not too bad on the wind. but by tonight the wind will start to pick up again. 50s or very low 60s. the rain moves in tonight. takes us into wednesday, maybe a break wednesday afternoon or evening. not much because the next system comes barreling in on thursday. one more system on saturday. sunday looks fine to me. monday the jet stream starts to move northward. and it's looking much drier. >> reporter: good morning. i'm jade hernandez. residents have to deal with this. this will take days, maybe even weeks to clear. the story in a live report coming up. growing fears about radiation in the japanese food supply. what is suspected of being unsafe to eat. and why some people are lined up outside of apple stores this morning.
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more than 40 names are cut off by a large rockslide. jade hernandez is live on the scene to tell us more about what's being done to clear the roads. >> reporter: good morning. we keep inching closer and closer and this is as far as we can go. you can't get past the point. look at the mud and rock.
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we spoke to a sheriff officer who said in his humble opinion, this will take days, even weeks to clear, right along here, nelson and scott lane. take a look at this. this is video of the hillslide. the blocked road means neighbors have started to stay put despite an evacuation order. it's about a half-mile long. news chop 2 gave us a better idea -- newschopper2 gave us a better idea about how wide this slide is. we spoke to a woman who has lived in this area for almost 15 years and has not seen a slide this big before. >> my neighbor called me at about 2:00 p.m. just before i got off my first
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job yesterday. and notified me that i might have trouble getting home. >> i had to call for the path. >> luckily, no one was hurt. we're gonna keep you posted and let you know when scotts valley district firefighters get out here this morning and proceed how to deal with this roadway. the rain this week might affect how they proceed. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:32. we now know the name of the first american victim of the japan quake and tsunami. just yesterday, the body of this young lay did, 24-year- old, taylor anderson, of virginia, was found. she survived the quake but they think she was riding her bike when the giant wave hit sweeping her away. she had been teaching in japan two years on an exchange program and was due to come back home in august. this morning's japanese government says they are testing seafood after sea water
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showed high levels of radiation. it's feared that seafood could be the latest problem with damage from the fukushima. radiation has been affecting other parts of food. the world health organization says eating contaminated food, raises the risk of cancer. the chauncey bailey murder trial resumes at 9:30 this morning. the prosecutor said yusef bey iv ordered bailey's murder because bailey was about to publish an article that was critical of the bakery. the handyman, broussard, said bey ordered him to kill bailey. he agreed to testify against mackey and bey in exchange for a 25-year season.
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>> he's lying again. he's lied before. >> our hearts are heavy as far as our family is concerned. it won't bring chauncey back you but i believe chauncey will be served. the prosecutor revealed some evidence that will be revealed. the prosecutor also said a spent shot gun shell fired from the murderer weapon was found in -- murder weapon was found in bey's bead room. the morning that -- bedroom the morning that chauncey bailey was killed. amazon is being sued by apple because of the -- of this phrase. apple is asking amazon to stop
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using the app name. a trademark was registered on the name in 2008. new video this morning shows that long lines are still forming for apple's new ipad ii. these are images of -- are outside the union square that we shot just a couple of hours. one canadian man says he's been there since 2:00 yesterday afternoon all to get his hands on a new ipad. >> came down for ahill. but one of the intentions was to get an ipad before they were released in canada. >> he says his wife is happy he's buying a new ipad so she will quit using hers. less check in with sal. what's going -- let's check in with sal. what's happening on the roads? >> well, people are lining up but they are lining up in their cars. for example, on highway westbound, there is a little
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wit of a -- a little bit of a line driving past la fayette and then orinda and then people coming to san francisco there will be a line up the a the toll plaza. there it is backed up for about a 15, 20 minute delay. kind of a robust commute. it was light he than unusual but that's not the case anymore. hayward southbound, slow traffic passing 92. under the speed limit to union city and fremont and into the south bay. we're going to see some slow traffic on 101 and it -- and 280. some information came in. once we get started with this rain tonight. it doesn't look like much of a break through thursday. thursday's system is starting to look stronger. but the system we're dealing with today is still offshore. it's back here. it's going to take a while. what we have right now -- right
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there is our semibreak. now, this will not be as bad as saturday. sun and clouds. we do get a few sunbreaks. there are a few breaks hither and yawn and then we'll see that go right into thursday. it looks like a break on friday. one more system on saturday. next week looking drier and warmer as the storm track starts to lift to the north the right now the jet stream says i kind of like it over the bay area. so it's right over us. tuesday night into wednesday night. maybe .25 to a .50. one more system on saturday. a break sunday. early next week we could get some more rain, but each system looks to be coming in on saturday starts to lift to the north. the ground is saturated, we don't really need too much more
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but we'll see some. flash flood watches are out in the sacramento valley. keep an eye on things in the russian river valley. five-day rainfall projections, this takes us from today through sunday. four to five inches of rain. so with that already on top of what's already saturated. watch out for mudslides as a possibility. a couple light showers, it look like that that -- like they disappeared. but at the 7:00 observation, mountain view had some rain. there was some near milpitas but it's gone. 42 san rafael. mid-40s, san francisco, warmest at 48. napa forecast, a few breaks in the clouds in the morning. it's a chilly morning. 49. we'll go 50 at noon and then cloudy. it might hold off until after 4:00. it will be close by then. >> as that moves closer, it gets stronger and then working out and then working out.
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and then the next system will come in. colder air comes in. today, mostly cloudy. not too bad on the wind yet but it will start to roll in later on. 50s and very low 60s with those sunbreaks, if you need to take care of anything i would say between now an 2:00 looks okay. but the rain itself will hold off tonight. tonight rain, morning rain, stronger system on thursday. a little bit of a break on friday. one more system on saturday, on for saturday and then sunday looks okay. monday rain starts to stay to the north. >> thank you, steve. 7:39. about an hour ago, military families who had evacuated from japan arrived at travis air force base near fairfield. kraig debro is live at the base to let us know their reaction
7:40 am
about being back in the u.s. >> reporter: good morning, tori. everybody who got off the plane, 340 people, many of them children, very, very tire from their long flight from japan. just got in from around 6:30 this morning. as i said, 340 people. about 160 are going to arrive later this afternoon, total of about 500 people. these people are family members of servicemen and women serving over in japan right now they voluntarily decided to leave japan because out -- out of the safety concerns and then also competing researchers. there's also a competition for food and water. many wanted to come home because of a sense of security but also because their service men and womens are working longer hours now. they are not even getting to
7:41 am
see family members there. the travis air force base, they are helping them get to the final destinations whether it's locally or in other states. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. p. thank you, kraig. what japanese considermakers are saying about work at their -- carmakers are saying about work at their factories and if they will be able to resume any time soon. it's the case everyone is talking about. we'll talk to "the chronic kell's" reporter -- next.
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taking a live look at the big board. there's uncertainty with the situation in libya and also the nuclear power crisis in japan. right now, the dow is currently down 2, still above 12,000. nasdaq, also down about .5 and s&p down 1. this morning sony corporation announced it's suspending production at some of the plants in japan. they say the companies that make digital cal raws, cell phones, tvs headphones, they are not able to get the components that they need. japanese carmakers are deciding when they will resume
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production. and general motors is temporarily suspending nearly 60 workers at an engine plant near buffalo, new york. it uses parts from japanese plants but those plants have not been able to ship components to this country. the workers, though, will receive 75% of their normal hourly pay while they are out of work. barry bonds will be in san francisco federal court in the next 15 minutes or so. so for -- that will be for opening statements, in trial to determine whether or not he lied to the grand jury about his use of steroids. "sanfrancisco chronic kell" chuck neivas has been covering stories here -- >> for quite a bit of time. >> we've been watching this. either he's telling the truth or he thinks he's gonna go away
7:46 am
-- get away with all of this. >> why couldn't you have let this thing go away, is what they will be asking. jason giambi got to play baseball again. >> barry bonds is intent on fighting this to the end. it will be a national stage and a forum on whether he knowingly took steroids. it will be a very strange moment for the government which spent millions of dollars prostituting this if he -- prosecutes this if he loses. >> if he's convicted of lying, the lesson learned that -- tell the truth, from day one. jason giambi got to baseball. all of these gays came out and said, okay, this stuff is not for your body. wee were all doing it.
7:47 am
they got to move on. >> an part of the culture of sports, chris webber had a sylmar problem with perjury. ask-- i'm barry bonds. i didn't take the steroids. prove it. let's see you prove it. this is a lesson. it wasn't the water gate that was the problem, it was the coverup. i don't think there's anyone who doesn't think he took steroids. did he know he took them and lie about it. >> how do you prove someone is lying? >> there will be a lot of smoke and we'll see if there's enough for a fire. which-- we have eight women on jury because conventional wisdom
7:48 am
may not think that's a good thing. a lot of people are going to testify that he did take the steroids. it will be a lot of circumstantial evidence that will add up with, you know he has been doing this and he lied about it. but it will be more in your heart of hearts. it will be a dead bang, smoking gun. this proves it. >> what about the other players? we know greg anderson will go to the -- will go to jail for the rest of the term. what about other players? how important is it do you think any of them will stay they saw barry take steroids? >> yes. they had to say that under oath and they will testify that they get steroids from greg anderson, the trainer, and they asked hill how to use them.
7:49 am
we have to go back to -- he was very careful. i didn't know, i took this flaxseed oil and i gained 40 pounds. i would be spin has of that myself. a lot of us are gonna turn on this injection thing. and if you can find someone who will say that, which is kathy, that's a big deal. >> we have to wrap you. are you willing to go out on a limb? >> i think he'll get one -- get one count and serve house arrest. >> back to dave and tori. well, jurors in the barry bonds perjury trial can say thank you to the former illinois governor rod blagojevich because of their privacy. their names will be kept secret
7:50 am
until verdict. blagojevich's case attracted a lot of attention. 7:49. santacruz city leaders are rallying behind their home town, american idol. tonight, the city council will vote on a resolution in support of santa cruz native james durbin and his request to become the next "american idol" winner. several of his teachers and mentors will be at tonight's meeting you can watch "american idol" height here. it airs on wednesdays and thursdays at 8:00. again, some very talented singers on the show this year. 7:50. it's an olympic challenge with some very high stakes. how the british god is -- government is trying to prevent a terrorist nightmare.
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security officials in london say there's a significant terrorist threat for the 2012 olympics. the government says the threat level has been set to severe. possible sources of terrorism include, islamic militants and splendor groups of irish nationalists. despite the warning, officials say spectators will be only smalley aware of all of the attacks. officials say tokyo disneyland and toke grow disney -- tokyo disney have no tsunami damage. there's concern over power outages and transportation problems in the area around the parks and that's delaying the reopenings. japanese tsunami authorities say one bank was
7:54 am
made for an easy target for robbers. the bank washed out and left the safe wide open. someone walked off with about $500,000 in yen. another lohan is facing jail time. it's not lindsay. her father was arrested you, accuse of hold -- of holding his girlfriend during an argument and keeping her from calling the police. michael lohan complain -- complained about a med -- medical condition and he was sent to hospital. pilots say they heard a hissing noise and saw 14-inch flames coming out of the cockpit window. the group was able to put out the flames. they made an emergency landing in washington, d.c. one of the captains who through that -- who flew that plane earlier
7:55 am
recorded an overheated electrical incident in the cockpit. thousands of nasa workers mark the space shuttle's program'sth anniversary, take a look. about 100 employees participate. they said on a -- they stood on a chalked line. >> i think that's neat. >> all of these people fast forwarded the video. they stood on the chalked outline of the shuttle to make it -- to make its shape. >> it took an hour but they managed to do it. let's check in with sal. how is our commute, sal? it's-- you just do that to let me see my hand motions to you. >> i was going to make a snide
7:56 am
comment. a take a look at what we have, traffic is moving along slowly on 237. no major problems on 880 southbound. it's getting busy heading into the valley. this is 880 northbound. i think you will see that traffic is moving well. it's sunny. this is great for the morning commute. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we do get a break here in the morning. but all signs point to rain coming in this evening and taking us well into thursday. we had some light showers but we're in between. the system is still offshore. it's still developing but it's going to make it by tonight and that means more wind and rain. we had some rain showers. when you don't see it move --
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right along highway 4, port chicago highway's had some light rain, also down in the south bay. upper 30s, low to mid-40s. mid-40s toward the south bay. upper 30s towards the north bay. a little spinning. it doesn't look like much. as they get closer they intensify. some clouds will increase in the afternoon/evening and so will the wind. it won't be as strong as last saturday. but 50s, upper as and a few low 60s. once we get started with the rain tonight it takes us into wednesday, this, a break on friday, one more system on saturday. good news is -- the good news it looks like the jet stream will be moving to the north. we'll be on -- we'll be on the southern edge by then. back to you. a bold kidnapping attempt in broad daylight. who reddwood city police are looking for this morning.
7:58 am
also, opening statements start in the barry bonds 'trial today. still haven't seen barry bonds arrive yet. and what some high-level executives in charge of japan's damaged nuclear plant about this morning.
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a u.s. fighter jet goes down in libya. what happened to the two crew members on board? >> reporter: opening statements in the barry bonds's perjury trial are set to start today. we'll have a live report coming up. a few sunbreaks out there right now, but how long will they last? i hear there's mere -- more rain on the way. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, march 22nd. new for you this morning, a u.s. fighter jet crashed in libya but the u.s. says it was not shot down. take a look at this video. this is counseled air force -- downed air force f-15 fighter jet. both crew members ejected safely and are back in american
8:01 am
hands. there may have been a mechanical problem. the pilot was retrieved by the u.s. and the second pilot was retrieved by libyan forces. in just 30 minute, opening statements begin in the barry bonds's perjury trial. the jury will not see one critical part of the proceedings. allie rasmus joins us from san francisco to explain why. >> reporter: good morning. opening statements are set to start about a half hour from now, right outoutside the federal building you can see a dozen people with cameras, still cameras and videos, waiting for barry bonds to arrive. he showed up in court and he arrived by this time yesterday. he still has not pulled up yet.
8:02 am
once the opening statements start, they will be the first thing to happen this morning. prosecutors will get to make their case first and then bonds's defense team will make their case. after opening statements are done, the witnesses will be called. the first witness is expected to be anderson, bonds' trainer and friend. if he does not testify, he could be held in contempt on the spot. if that does happen, the jury won't see it because that will happen at noon and the jury will be taking their lunch break. this is a complicated case and many legal experts and sports experts are watching this
8:03 am
closely. >> barry bonds is $ed to find this to the bitter, bitter end. that's what he has. he has a bitter cold battle that will an -- that will be a national stage. it will taint his image for the rest of his life if convicted and it will an very strange moment for the movement who went millions of dollars prosecuting this, if he loses. >> reporter: now, barry bonds arrived yesterday before 8:00 yesterday. has not arrived here yet. there are eight men and four women on the jury. they will get to decide whether bonds lied under oath when he told the grand jury, he never knowingly used steroids.
8:04 am
back to you. as japanese works through -- works through the nuclear disaster, they were rocked by an aftershock, a 6.6, it hit the east coast of japan. it was located about 1802 -- 128 miles off the coast of sendai. now, two hours late he, a 6.4 quake hit further south. then 30 minutes later, another 6.6 quake hit north of sendai. those tsunami you warnings issued for the u.s., japanese officials have not reported any tsunamis along their coast. also this morning, the operator of japan's damaged nuclear plants and workers have reconnected the power lines to all six nuclear reactors. however, utility companies say a lot of work needs to be done before the cooling systems can be powered up. workers have to check the pumps, motors and other equipment before the electricity can be turned on.
8:05 am
also the vice president of the nuclear company, he visited a shelter this morning where people are staying because of the radiation leaks at the plant. the utility company there, they apologized and probable missed to compensate all of the victims. the search continues for a redwood city man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. she was walking on arch street around 4:30 monday afternoon when a man used his car to block her bath. police say he ordered her in the car. she refused a tube off of -- she refused and took off. his vehicle a newer, gray four- door sedan with dry cleaning hanging in the rear window. and in livermore, place are working people to be on alert after a -- police are worning people to be on alert after a man tried to grab a girl there
8:06 am
near mines road. the 16-year-old says the man walked up to her and grabbed her arm. she pulled away and ran off. the describe it described -- the suspect is described as 5'4" he has a chipped front tooth and was -- and was wearing oversized glasses. a 17-year-old's been arrested after a home invasion robbery in richmond. police say he knocked on the door of a home on dunn avenue just before 10:00. when the man answered the front door, police say he barged in, demanded money and stabbed the man in the face. the police captured the teenager walking away from the home. still not clear what he stole. that injured resident is listed in stable condition. it's 8:06. we want to check in with sal castanedo. we're not having to deal with rain this morning. >> no, we're not. we do have a problem in
8:07 am
richmond. a big rig went out of control and in the ditch. it happened on central avenue and brookside. the fire department is on the way. the big rig -- big rig is in a ditch. northbound 280 traffic is going to be busy getting up to highway 17. also this morning, we're looking at the maps here in the south bay. rest of the south bay commute, 101 is slow from 280 up to sunnyvale. 85, slow from about 87 into saratoga and in the santa cruz mountains. still, slow traffic in the northbound direction. out to the bay bridge toll plaza it's not changed much. it's about a 15-minute delay. some sun breaks out there but already the cumulus clouds
8:08 am
are starting to build. we're waying for next system. it will be here by ton. you can see it to the le of your screen starting to wrap itself up. it will intensify, get stronger as it gets closer. it's right there. so between -- that's our break but also coming up, we get a few showers -- showerses. i le you -- i are show you in a second. by time we get to tonight all the way through friday moving, looks we. wednesday, thursday looks to be the strongest. russian river, santa cruz mountains. again, up clearlake and then sacramento vol -- sacramento! we still have the snow melt to do. morgan has -- in norton has had over 5 inches of snow. 4.50 is norm. five-day forecast rainfall from saturday to su. by time we get to the evening,
8:09 am
rain will have moved north. some of the river rises. some of the creeks and possible mudslides. we've had a few light showers down towards san jose, santa cruz, over to antioch. some are starting to swing in go -- are starting to swing in from the southwest. some upper 0s, lee to mid-40s. oakland, though, at 47, but also 46. livermore was down to 39. we'll go 50. a few breaks in the morning. cloud iting up by noon and then -- clouding it up by noon. and one system moving in. you can see it right there. when they are still developing and wrapping up that tends to slow it down. as you start to get closer, the system starts to produce rain. one projection has light showers over us, not that's -- that's not a big deal, about
8:10 am
noon. and now look at this -- 4:00, that may be fast but it's already on the way. there will be a -- there will be another break storm on thursday. that looks to be moderate and brief heavy rain. by friday afternoon, we should start to see things wind down a little bit. but the next couple of days are gonna be very active. so much so that the national weather service has posted an advisory. mostly cloudy here in the morning. some breaks. we need to get -- if you need to get something done do it in the morning. 50s or very, very low 60s today. not much of a change. 58, 61 in gilroy is the
8:11 am
warmest. mostly cloudy in the morning. cloudy in the afternoon. rain tonight, more rain on wednesday. stronger system on thursday. a break friday. one more system on saturday. and then after that, i think sunday looks good. >> all right, steve. could be a game changer in the fight to build a new home for the 49ers in santa clara. last night, the city council met in an emergency session. they volted to start spending $4 million. they want to do it before that money disappears. the governor's budget plan call force taking that money and giving it to schools and other social programs. >> i understand though are trying to -- trying to balance their budget. >> i'm afraid that we're washing -- rushing into a decision that may lighter not be good. >> the city council approved the deal even though members received a copy of the contract only two hours before the
8:12 am
neating. 8:11. gay rights on the global scale. what the obama administration is asking the united nations to do today. a judge leads to a rule -- makes a ruling in the arizona shooting case. also, more are going plastic.
8:13 am
8:14 am
there's growing concern about the u.s.'s role in the
8:15 am
libya -- libyan conflict. >> reporter: first we want to tell you that a u.s. navy admiral is gonna be be giving an update on -- gonna be giving an update on libya in a little while at this point, it's inclear when will be in charge of this and when it will be turned over. france and britain are stepping up their air strikes on libyan targets but there are shines -- signs of strain in the coalition. president obama is also facing opposition from the left and right in congress. >> we're to the coordinating with the rebels. are-- not card eight nateing with the rebels -- coordinating with the next. >> he needs to define what
8:16 am
united states' mission is here, what's our vital interest, how does he see the potential cost unfolding here. >> ken kniss -- dennis kucinich is going as far as to say that president obama competed -- committed an em peachable crime -- impeachable crime. 50% approve of the way that president obama is handling the situation in libya. 29%. disapprove. back to you. as allison mentioned, president obama is closely watching the military action in libya. he's doing so from chile, his second stop of his latin- american tour. today the president is scheduled to arrive el salvador.
8:17 am
>> the last stop on his tour before heading home to the ins. while president obama continues the latin-american tour, officials are expecting to call on the u.n. to help stop discrimination about gays and lesbians. the declaration will be made around -- made around the council in geneva, switzerland. an official vote could be made late ther year. an arizona judge has -- later this year. an arizona judge has ordered the shooter in the rampage has been ordered to take an evaluation as a specialized facility in missouri. no later than april 29th. lockner's defense curve say the move to ryan. the judge said the move may be inconvenience but called it
8:18 am
unavoidable. yesterday, alexander youshock testified in his own defense. he said he never thought twice about carrying out his plan to kill three teachers in 2009. the former student says he's not guilty, though, by reason of insanity. the prosecution in the case is expected to begin their rebuttal argument tomorrow. a san francisco priest is on indefinite leave following the latest sexual abuse scandal. he's accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl when assigned to the church of the epiphany back in the '70s. the ill gas stations came to light after the father applied with a new job -- for a new job with the church. >> it was nothing to do with
8:19 am
children or -- the staff said something in the file surfaced. >> father denies accusations. a new poll shows about half of california voters, approve of the job governor brown is doing. poll comes as brown continues to negotiate with the legislature to close a $26.6 billions budget -- billion budget. in the meantime, governor brown and other leaders are starting a new week of budget cuts with optimism. that's even if they admit they've made little crossing.
8:20 am
all right, tori. the number of men going in for plastic surgery is on the rise. the new report from the american society of plastic surgeons said men came in for more than 1 million procedures last year. that's up 2% from the year -- from the year before. doctors say older men want face- lifts and want to go look young on the job market but the most popular surgery for male under the age of 30, male reduction surgery. >> really? interesting. the army is apologizing. we'll show you some photos that are a source of real embarrassment this morning. also ahead -- a bay area college just reopened its doors after being in the dark. we'll explain.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
about twenty minutes ago, contra costa college opened after the power outage they had. they thought the outage was a pg&e problem but they figured out it was the equipment to the college. the obama administration wants more people to graduate
8:24 am
from cal, from stanford and other colleges all over the country. to help make that help, joe biden will -- happen, joe biden, the vice president, will unveil a plan today that will help boost rates. right now 75% of all high school grads in the u.s. go to college but less than half actually earn a degree. the obama administration wants the u.s. college graduation rank to -- rate to rank number one in the world by the year 2020. the u.s. army is apologizing for several photos that appear in a german publication this morning. we warn you the toe toes may be hard to look at. in one photo a soldier is grabbing the air of -- the hair of a dead afghan man. a second photo shows two body together. prosecutors now plan to use these photos in their case. fife american soldiers are charmed with murder and
8:25 am
conspiracy. let's check our commute now, sal. what are you seeing? >> we're seeing traffic that's getting better in some areas dave and tori. traffic is doing okay. right now the traffic looks good heading south to the airport in case you are trying to catch a flight or down the peninsula. also this morning we're looking at the westbound bay bridge. we're seeing improvement here even though there is a delay. it's about ten minutes another ten on the bridge and then you are off into san francisco freeways. this morning's commute is going to be okay if you are driving in the santa cruz mountains. but it is improving after some earlier problems. i don't think 17's had a very good day at all. as we move the needle up to hayward, there's slow traffic, southbound 880 building up before you reach highway 84. 8:25. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we get a couple of breaks in
8:26 am
the morning, sunbreaks. they won't last long. mostly cloudy will give way to cloudy skies. we've had some light rain but that system is wrapping up and getting closer. i want really fick. i think i skipped about eight graphics. temperatures upper 50s, low 60s and again the morning hours don't look too bad. by tonight we bring the rain in and it continues to go into the -- it continues to go into we. a stronger system comes in on thursday. one more system on saturday and then all signs point to the jet stream. sunday looks all right. monday won't be bad, but we'll mention some rain especially towards the north bay. well, it just happened, moments agriculture, barry bonds, there he is, arrived --
8:27 am
moments ago, barry bonds, there he is, arrived in san francisco. and a -- and the waiting game continues. we'll tell you why all of these people are lined up in front of the apple stores.
8:28 am
8:29 am
more than 40 people stranded by aslide along nelson road west of highway 17 in scotts valley are trying to get home. ktvu's jade hernandez has been out there all day to tell us what's being -- being done to clean it you.
8:30 am
>> reporter: good morningles. we are just -- good morning. we were just updated. it's a huge construction in the middle of the road. the sheriff's department is waiting for a geologist. essentially the hillslide, this wall of rock and mud knew now resides on nelson road. you've got to take a look at this. what you are looking at is video shot of the hillslide sliding onto the roadway. this is one part of this. the blocked road means no going home for some because of an evacuation order. there was a trail carved out so residents can come in and out
8:31 am
of the area. >> right now, the residents seem to be holding up fairly well. we're trying to make contact with them throughout the day. we want to make sure they have electricity so they have watt he. if not, we'll have to make -- water. if not, we'll have to make arrangements to get them water or whatever they need. >> reporter: we spoke to several neighbors this morning and those affected one of which was a woman who walked a half- mile to her car in the dark. she was armed with her walking stick and umbrella. we also spoke to a man who has two cars, one on each side of the slide. >> when you live up here in the mountains, have you to deal with a natural -- natural disasters and phenomenon. during the earthquake it was
8:32 am
very difficult up here. we were without power for about ten days. and pg&e did a great job yesterday because they had the power restored on the main road within about 45 minutes. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is going to go door to door to make sure everyone is safe and all right. and they are still waiting for a geologist to come out and evaluate the area. 8:32. if you are hoping to get into yosemite national park, you only have one road to use. the park service shut down all of the roads yesterday because of heavy snowfall. cleanup crews have been busy repairing fallen trees and rockslides and mudslides. highway 140 is back open this morning but only with an escort. those escorts started at 6:30 this morning. they will take a place at noon and of 6:00 p.m.
8:33 am
highways 140 and 21 are still closed -- are still closed but they -- but they could reopen later today. barry bonds has just arrived in court. at any moment, opening statements will begin in his perjury trial. allie rasmus has more. what's happening right now? >> reporter: when the opening statements begin, barry bonds will be watching it from the courthouse up on the 19th floor -- floor. we watched bonds pull up about 15 minutes ago in this building. when he walked in, there weren't a lot of large crowds. some fans gathered around. there were reporters and cameras watching him go in. although bonds didn't say anything to the reporters as he walked into the building. the first thing to be scheduled this morning is opening statements. those are about to get underway right about now. they are supposed to last an
8:34 am
hour. and then the first witness will be called. greg anderson is expected to be called. he's bonds' personal friend and trainer. but anderson said he will not testify against bonds. if he does not cooperate, the judge could hold him in contempt of court and he could be arrested on spot. anderson is not the only witness in this case. more than 50 people are on the list to testify. a lot of the system is gonna hinge on women, his former assist tan and both will say they witnessed him injecting steroids. >> reporter: bonds was in court for the jury selection
8:35 am
process dread. eight women and four men were treated on the jury and they will get to decide if bonds lied when he said he never knowingly took roads. now, he gave that state back in 19 -- 2007. chauncey bailey trial resumes in oakland. melissa crumb in her opening sometime said the federaller bakery leader, yusef iv. broussard, another defendant, said he was ordered to kill bailey. he's going to testify to take a 25-year sentence. >> he's lied def. i think the jury will see that?
8:36 am
>> our hearts are heavy as far as chauncey is concern. it won't bring him back but i believe justice will be involved. the prosecutor said a spent shot gun shell fired was found with yousheck. amazon is being sued for using the phrase, app store." apple is now asking amazon stop using the app store name. apple registered -- registered a trade mark on that -- ton that name in 2008. some new video to show i. one
8:37 am
man from canada said he he's been here since 2:00 yesterday afternoon -- afternoon. >> came down for thehill but one of the intention was to get an ipod before they were released in canada. >> he says his wife is happy he's buying another board so he can stop using hers! this is as early as 4:00 this morning. right now, we want to take you live to malibu where a fire hydrant is busted, supplying -- spraying a massive amount of water in the air. there it is. you can see the fire hydrant that's just pouring, shooting water up into the air and spraying it down into the road.
8:38 am
this is happening on the pacific coast highway of pch, the fire hydrant, we don't know how it got broken or how much water is spilling out. but quite a scene. it looks like it's in the parking lot. right of ocean, you can see the coast there. again, these live pictures, we wanted to show you from malibu, a fire hydrant burst open spraying a massive amount of water in the area -- in malibu. >> okay. let's check in with sal. we have problems on 880 northbound. it's beginning to slow down dave and tori. northbound 880, you will see slow traffic there. >> when this slowdown starts,
8:39 am
the backup begins to thin out. it's still about a ten-minute delay. looking at the drive here on the nimitz freeway south, i keep refreshing it and i see more and more read showing up, especially in fremont. some slow traffic on 80 and 80 ed hag south as you drive down the milpitas area. some sown sutt there right now. can you make it lass, steve? , i can't. clouds are on way, rain is coming in. there's some parallelling on the san mateo/santa cruz coastline. >> this is what's happening on later on. that will give us light rain and then this will start to move towards -- about cape mendocino by tonight.
8:40 am
that means the kind will pick up -- will pick up. it's on its way. it looks like we'll see this probably last all the way until about thursday if things continue to march in. this week looks wet. by the way, water released from shasta dam is up to 50,000 cubic feet per second. that's huge. that means a lot of water is rushing down from redding all the way to the sacramento river. you go to the causeway, there's flood issues, watches near there. there's a lot of water there. the ground is saturated more 0 rain is on the way. with the ground already saturatened and some recent mud -- saturated and some recent
8:41 am
mudslides keep an eye on things. watch right along the coast, you can see some of these coming up from the south coast, there are a few showers that have 307ed -- popped up, especially towards the south bay. we're getting a little break right now. >> napa, starting at 39 degrees. and they will be okay for a while there, then we'll cloud it up and tonight, rain starts to come in. it may hold off until after 4 :00. but it will be close. the key is it has good upper level support jet stream. they come in and what doesn't look like much turn the into something good. this is not in the same category of the system we had
8:42 am
on saturday. snowfall will be measured in feet again. snow level 3,000 feet. norton has had 500 inches of snow. some sun in the moving. clouds roll in. mostly cloudy gives way to cloudy skies and rainy. the wind will pick up, upper 50s to the low 60s. that will take us into the afternoon highs. it looks rather wet. but maybe we'll -- but then wheelage a break. sunday looks good and then monday, mainly jew -- mainly just the north bay, as the jet stream lifts more towards oregon. we know it's spring time but it still looks and feels like winter in the sierra -- a lot of snow for skiers and snow
8:43 am
boarders. all right. 8:42. well, getting neighborhood to prove a point. [ chanting] military families of those serving in japan back at travis air force base. we'll tell you why they decided to come home and when they might return. that's all ahead on "mornings on 2."
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8:46 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you. look at these pictures. this is cairo egypt. a fire started at the ministry of egyptian there. a protester started the fire, they say. thousands of protesters have been -- had been protests for better working conditions before the fire broke out. this morning in libya a fighter jet crashed. it was not shot down.
8:47 am
it had mechanical problems. the two members on board are safe. they are back in u.s. hands. and top executives from the utility company that runs that damaged nuclear plant apologized to those who fled the radiation threat. they are promising to again state the victims. in a few hours, later today, in fact, we're expecting the arrival of more military families who evacuated japan following the massive quake and tsunami. kraig debro is live at travis air force base about why some families say they decided to get out. >> reporter: good morning, tori. for many, this is the only the first leg of their trip. you can see all of these buses. the buses are all lined up to take some of these people to their next destination. the people on plane most likely have a spouse serving in japan.
8:48 am
but at least in one case, the active -- an active member of the military. the people weary from the long flight stepped off the plane from travis. many know this is the first leg of the trip. some people are traveling to memphis from here. >> i have a -- a week and a half of it increasing and there was more smoke come out of the nuclear reactor. so we decided to leave. >> we decided to because we wanted our parents to have peace of mind. >> reporter: you can hear the pets. they came over with them.
8:49 am
rolling blackouts in tokyo and a second flight japan was supposed to arrive a around 9:00. that's been delayed until this afternoon. reporting live at travis air force base, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> war crimes are obscene! >> this is new video out of san francisco. just a short while ago, members of the code pink organization took off their clothes outside senator feinstein's office. they are protesting the -- protesting the treatment of the wikileaks founder. he's in prison and these protesters are asking for diane fine sty's response -- dianne feinstein's response. >> he has been asked to stand naked in the mornings before
8:50 am
calls. >> the governor is trying to intim -- they say the government is trying to intimidate anyone else from becoming a whistle-blower. california will delay and reduce rate hikes. anthem bluecross planned a 16% increase to take effect next month. now the company says the hate like will be 9% and it won't start until july 1st. the state's commissioner says that move will save anthem bluecross customers about $40 million. united airlines and continental are raising fares on many round- trip flights by $10. they say they need to raise the fares to cover the rising cost of fuel. this is the 18th year, the airlines have tried to raise
8:51 am
tickets. the giants are optimistic brian wilson will be ready for opening day next thursday. the team's medical staff says wilson could start playing tach as -- catch as early as tomorrow in preparation for the opener against the dodgers. he's being closely watched after training -- straining a muscle along his rib cage during a game last week. san jose residents have a unique chance to host the stars of the giants in their owe very own home. the california's single-a league is looking for host families, to provide a young player with a room in the spring and the summer months and they get season tickets and parking passes in exchange. if you are interested go to for more -- for more information. 8:51. well, the royal wedding for prince william and kate middleton is just about a month away. they are guaranteed to ride in style. buckingham palace announced yesterday, look at this, a 100
8:52 am
-- a 10-year old coach is set aside that will carry them to their wedding reception. 8:51. a rising river near big sur gets hikers in hot water. how the sheriff's department was able to save the day. also ahead why american idol is on the agenda at tonight's -- at tonight's city council meeting in santa cruz. big rig loses control and takes out a power pole and now we'll have a heck of a time getting it out of here. we'll tell you where this happened and what's going on now straight ahead.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning. newschopper2-- the truck we were just looking at knocked out of a couple of lights on the richmond parkway and then apparently was out of control and came down to one of the -- one of the streets here down to the central street, and knocked over a power pole. so i think that -- let me see if i can ask him to zoom in on the truck. you can zoom in on the truck? i want 0 show people what happened. tilt down a little bit. there you go apparently this -- there you go. apparently this truck was causing trouble, crashed into a
8:56 am
pole and knocked it done police are on scene. it coo have been a stolen truck. we don't know. we'll finding out when we do, we'll let you know. let's go back to the desk. >> usc, sal -- thank you sal. ten tikers are safe after hiking near big sur. they encountered a risker they couldn't cross. they flagged down hikers on the other side of the river who contacted the sheriff's department and on monday, they were rescued. no one was injured. in lake county, flooding is likely and clearlake later this back. emergency workers say the lake is expected to reach flood stage tomorrow and rise higher by friday. heavy rain has pounded the area.
8:57 am
another three inches is expected by freeway. 8:56. santacruz city leaders are rallying behind their home town. tonight the city council will vote on the resolution supporting james durbin in his request to been the -- to become the next idol. several of his teachers and mentors will be at the meeting. you can watch american idol right here. it airs wednesday and thursdays at 8:00 p.m. this is ticket 2s-day and the prize is a concert by "further" featuring band members of the grateful dead along with other band members at the shoreline theater in mountain viewant 7:30. to enter, go to before midnight. scroll down the tab and put in the secret word "locals." weighant to check in with -- we want to check in with
8:58 am
steve now. more is on the way. >> a little bit. mesh is -- more is moving in. if you need to take a walk, the sooner you do it, the better i feel. we have rain starting tonight, takes us into wednesday. stronger system on thursday, a break after break -- a break on friday. one more after that and then then i think things will calm down. santacruz mountains in line for four or five inches between now and sunday. >> wow. we'll keep an eye on it for you. thank you for joining us, everyone. >> bye now.
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